Vobbia is the most famous for its castle of the stones, Castello della Pietra, which was built more than a thousand years ago. The castle is unique for its location, because it is stuck into two huge rocks and for that reason castle attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Municipality has a lot of beautiful and old churches. A very special one to name is the chapel of San Fermo (1659) because it lies on the top of 1,177 m height mountain and it opens a spectacular view to the nature.

Vobbia is a municipality located 20 km northeast of Provincia di Genova. The climate in Vobbia is warm, but the possibility of rainfall is very high, even in the driest months. Even though the municipality has a small number of inhabitants (just 500), Vobbia is divided into 4 small hamlets: Fabio, Torre, Canova and Selva. The municipality contains a lot of small villages, mostly situated in the mountains, with around 20 inhabitants living in each village.

Vobbia belongs to the Genova municipality and is a locality in the Genova province which lies in the Liguria region. In the vicinity of Vobbia are several other villages like: Sarmoria (2.9 km), Crocefieschi (4.1 km) and Noceto (2.8 km). Travel from Genoa on the A7 in the direction of SS226 near Busalla. Take the Busalla exit from the A7. Follow Strada Provinciale 9/SP9 in the direction of Via Vobbia a Vobbia.

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